Funded by (VACAP)

The SUNRISE PROJECT is an Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Initiative

The project objectives are to: 

Improve understanding of alcohol and drug related harm among African Australian people;

Improve pathways to health services, treatment and rehabilitation; 

  • Build trust between service providers and African Australian communities;
  • Increase service provider understanding of substance use issues in African Australian communities; and
  • Contribute to sustainable, long-term improvements to the service providers’ cultural competency.

VACAP aims to build welcoming communities, improve outcomes, and create lasting opportunities for Victorians of African heritage.  VACAP has funded an AOD Initiative that aims to build capacity in, and better support, African communities.  

The Project Sunrise Partners

Youth Support and Advocacy (YSAS)

YSAS is Australia’s largest, youth-specific community service organisation. Operating since 1998 YSAS  employs over 300 skilled staff across 19 sites in metropolitan and regional Victoria. Our services  include community-based youth AOD programs, Youth Support Services, and Youth Crime  Prevention programs, youth mental health services as the lead agency for headspace Collingwood  and Frankston, home-based and residential AOD withdrawal, residential AOD rehabilitation services,  Bunjilwarra Koori AOD Healing Service in partnership with the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service,  and range of specialist services such as programs for young parents and young people from CALD  backgrounds. 

All YSAS programs are designed to be universally accessible to young people from all backgrounds,  and staff have extensive experience and expertise working with CALD young people, for example,  YSAS regularly coordinates ethno specific weeks at our detox units for African, Indigenous, and  Pacifica young people. 

The broad appeal of YSAS programs and services is reflected in the significant representation of  Aboriginal, CALD, and LGBTIQ, transient and homeless, young people with a disability, and young  people involved in the criminal justice system across our service types. 

YSAS operates YoDAA (Youth Drug & Alcohol Advice), in partnership with 32 partner organisations in  Victoria. YoDAA connects young people and families directly with workers in youth AOD services  across Victoria and convenes a Youth AOD community of practice with a range of useful, online  practice development resources. 

The Australian African Welfare Bureau Inc

The Australian African Welfare Bureau Inc (AAWB) is the lead agency for the project.  AAWB is an established non-government, non-political, non-religious not for profit  organisation whose aims are to assist people from the African community. The African  Australian Welfare Bureau’s mission is to provide confidential, sympathetic, caring  support and service for ready individuals and groups within the extended African  community to support self-reliant, integrated, sustainable, and flourishing refugee  communities. 

Services provided include: family and personal services, legal services, social and  welfare services, housing and accommodation, unemployment issues, funeral and  repatriation arrangements, and services to the elderly 

The AAWB promotes respect, cohesion, and harmony within the local community. All our  projects are designed to make a difference in the lives of African Migrants in Australia to  support self-reliance, integrated, sustainable, and flourishing migrant communities.



Odyssey House Victoria

Odyssey House Victoria is the auspicing organisation for the Project. OHV is a state wide, specialist treatment organisation dedicated to improving the lives of individuals  who experience significant or long-term problems from alcohol and other drug use. We  are committed to working holistically, contributing to prevention, and offering support to  family members, including children, affected by someone else’s alcohol or other drug  use. 

Through the Odyssey Institute, OHV provides education and training services targeting  communities and workforces. In line with OHV values, it is hoped that a long-term and  ongoing relationship is established between African communities and OHV through the  project.

Positive Mental Health Program (PMHP)

Positive Mental Health Program (PMHP) 

PMHP is an African owned organisation employing African mental health and AOD  professionals. African Health Specialists employed through the Positive Mental Health  Program (PMHP) provide mental health support, counselling, psychosocial rehabilitation,  and reintegration into society.  

PMHP is currently working within the Youth Justice Service and the Forensic System.